How to Properly Remove Pet Odor

How to Properly Remove Pet Odor

If you own a pet, it is inevitable that it will make an accident on the carpet at least once. This can occur either as a puppy or even when it gets older and can no longer hold it in for long periods of time. Cat urine is the worst as it seeps into the carpet and into the floorboard. If you are a landlord looking to rent out your property or are a renter currently living in a rental, it is essential that you get rid of pet odor so you can rent out your property faster or as a renter not get a deposit ding for having stinky pet odors. In this article, we will help explain the proper ways to remove pet odor for both cats and dogs.

Pet Odor Removal

The first step in eliminating pet odor is to first understand where the odor is coming from. For cats, they tend to pee in the corners of rooms where it is quieter or hidden. Usually behind a table or couch. When not marking their territory, dogs tend to be wherever they are in the house if they are being potty trained, are nervous, are old are are lonely. For both cats and dogs, they sometimes pee as a way for you to notice them. Regardless of why they do it, it is imperative that you clean it immediately after it occurs or deep clean it if it has been awhile.

Step 1 in Removing the Odor – Find it first

If are lucky enough to catch the pet in the act, then you can skip this step. If you still don’t know where the odor is coming from, here is the best way to find the odor.

how to get rid of pet odor

Use a black light to find the cause of the odor. Turn off the lights and shine the black light on sections of the carpet. Again, check the corners of the room and then expand outwards. You will be surprised at what you just may find.


Step 2 in Odor Removal – Clean it

Phase 1 – Before you begin to use any cleaning chemical or non chemical fluids, you must first make sure the infected area is completely clean of dirt and hair. This means you must vacuum the area first. Sprinkle baking soda on the area and wait a few hours and vacuum again. It is best if you do this at least twice before moving into the next phase of cleaning.

Cleaning Cat Urine stained in floor

Eliminating cat odor tip – If you know this is cat odor that has made it way into the wooden floorboard, unfortunately the only way to truly eliminate the odor is to pull up the carpet and use a product called Kilz. Simply paint this directly on the urine stain and the cat urine smell is completely eliminated. Kilz has its own distinct scent but this tends to go away after a few weeks.

Phase 2 – After the carpet has been completely vacuumed, it is now time to begin the pet odor elimination process.

The non chemical method 

You can create a vinegar solution or buy one. To make one, simply mix 1 part water and 1 part white vinegar in a clean and empty spray bottle. Once complete, test a small amount of the solution on the carpet and wait for it to dry. The vinegar neutralizes the ammonia within the urine and is safe on carpet and upholstery but it is always a good idea to test it on a small sample before completely diving in. Once you are satisfied with the test, go ahead and spray the solution on the urine stains and allow it to fully soak up into the carpet fibers. Wait 10 minutes and then use a paper towel or cloth to slowly soak up the fluid. Gently tap down on the stain until it is almost dry. Don’t worry, it may take several hours to completely dry. Once dry, sprinkle baking soda on the area, wait 10 minutes and the finalize with another vacuuming. If the smell is still there, you can either try the process again or try the chemical method.

The chemical method

Go to your local grocery store, home depot or convenience store and pick up a rug doctor. They usually run about $40 bucks for the day but can deep clean your entire apartment or home. In addition pick up the following rug doctor solutions, the pet stain remover and the pet carpet cleaner. Follow the instructions for both the rug doctor and solution and you will be surprised, and maybe even disgusted at how much dirt and urine has been hidden in your carpet


Pet stains, smells and odors are a way of life. It is absolutely inevitable. However, you can help lessen any potential future problems of having significant pet odors by catching it quickly and having your vinegar solution handy to quickly clean up any pet accidents that may occur. It is never too late as most pet odors can be extinguished by following the above steps. If you are a renter, make sure the rental is as clean as it was when you moved in. If you are unable to eradicate the smells, your landlord has the right to keep your security and pet deposit to help pay for the cleaning and repair of the rental unit. Good luck and enjoy and love your pets.