Five Pieces of Furniture Landlords Must Include in Fully Furnished Apartments

Five Pieces of Furniture Landlords Must Include in Fully Furnished Apartments

Furnished apartments are practically guaranteed sells. If you throw furniture into a property, not only will they be more attractive to renters. You’ll also be able to charge more to cover the costs of putting furniture in.

That means you should think of furnishing your rental property as a long-term investment. You will profit more in the long-term with fully furnished apartments. You’ll also be purchasing more security in your overall investment since furnished properties are more lucrative to renters.

However, you can’t just run to a store and pick up a couch and table. You need to know what you want to furnish it with. Most of all, you want to make sure all the furniture matches and sets up the property with a certain style.

Keep reading for some of the things you should buy to improve your rental property.

1. Don’t Sleep on Getting A Bed With Its Frame

A bedroom without a bed is just a room. It’s empty, and it’s actually a little depressing to see. Worst of all, it doesn’t attract renters.

But by buying a bed, you liven up an empty room and give potential renters a glimpse of what their life could be like in your apartment. You also get a chance to control the design of the property, which helps attracts more renters. It helps your marketing stay consistent since your apartments’ styles will all be the same.

2. Fully Furnished Apartments Need to Be Fully Furnished

Just because a bedroom has a bed doesn’t mean it’s actually a bedroom yet. Without all the additional furniture that goes into a bedroom, it’s going to feel like it’s missing something. And renters will pick up on that.

Invest in a nightstand and a dresser for the bedroom as well. Not only does it fill the room up, but it also lets you justify a higher rent price.

3. Sofa, So Good

What do you do when you get home after a long day at work? If you’re like most people, you slump down on your couch and relax. Well, you should give a couch to residents so they can do that too! After all, your job is to give residents a good life in your property.

Your couch shouldn’t take up most of the living room, but it should run the length of a wall. That way, residents will have more room to relax!

4. Put All Your Cards on The Table

An essential piece of any home is the dinner table. It’s where families come together and where roommates sit and play board games together. It’s where people connect, so you should buy a good one.

A good, hard table does more than stand out. It stands against potential abuse from residents, making it last longer.

5. Throw Back the Curtains On Your Fully Furnished Apartments

One of the most overlooked parts of an apartment is the curtains. While the standard, white blinds work, they also don’t help sell the room. Investing in stylish curtains or drapes will help get you a faster sale.

By including something that most people don’t, you help set yourself apart. When people make a decision, your apartment will be in their minds as ‘the one with the curtains.’ Most of all, it’ll make you look even more legitimate.

Fully Furnished Apartments: Sell More, Faster

Buying furniture for your properties isn’t just a needless purpose. It’s also more than an investment.

By furnishing them, you appeal to a kind of person that doesn’t buy furniture themselves, like students or the super-wealthy. You’re basically getting access to new markets. And like any landlord, you should always be on the lookout for new people to attract to your buildings.