How to Make Your Furnished Apartment Feel like Home: 5 Cozy Apartment Decorating Ideas

5 Cozy Apartment Decorating Ideas

Living in a previously-furnished apartment can be weird. You may feel like you’re living in someone else’s space since none of the furniture is your own.

There are ways to make it less weird though. It’s as simple as adding your own personal flair to your living space.

Not sure how to do it? Here are five apartment decorating ideas that will help you make your space feel like yours again.

1. Clean Everything

This may not seem like a decorating tip, but it’s the first step to getting your decorating groove on. A fresh, clean apartment is like a fresh canvas ready for you to work with.

There’s a good chance someone lived in your apartment before you. That means germs, smells, and other reminders of previous tenants may be present. To help your apartment feel good as new, give it a thorough cleaning.

For the most part, this should have been done by someone else before you moved in. But giving the apartment a once-over yourself helps you know the place really is clean and ready for you to get cozy.

2. Add Plants

Do you love plants? If so, this is a great way to add your own touch to a furnished apartment.

Choose some plants that work well with the setting provided by your apartment. If your apartment isn’t lit very well, choose plants that thrive in low light. If you’d like plants that need more light, make sure you have a place for them near a window.

Don’t add plants if you don’t have the time to care for them. That will just result in dead plants, which aren’t uplifting to anybody. If you don’t have a lot of time, choose plants that thrive with little attention.

3. Paint the Walls

If you’re able to, paint the walls of your apartment. This will change the entire look of your living space.

Choose one color for the entire area, use different colors for different rooms, or try adding some accent walls. Whatever you do, a fresh coat of paint will make a huge difference.

Don’t forget to check your contract before painting! Otherwise, you’ll run into issues with your landlord.

4. Curtains

If your apartment came with curtains, go ahead and change them out. If there weren’t any to begin with, add some of your own.

Curtains add character to a room, so changing them up will make it feel more like home. Don’t forget to choose curtains that match your style as well as the room they’ll be in.

5. Add Artwork

There’s no point in leaving your walls bare! If your contract allows, get some artwork on those walls.


Choose pieces that make you feel at home. These could be pictures from or of your family home, or artwork you’ve acquired throughout your life’s adventures.

Whether you put up familiar pieces or new ones you’ve chosen, it’ll help your apartment feel like yours.

Apartment Decorating Can Change Everything

You may not be able to choose the furniture in your apartment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own. Use these apartment decorating tips to make your space feel like it’s always been yours.

Whatever you change, make sure it fits into your contract. A few simple changes can really go a long way, so start updating your space today!