The Future of Self-Showings


In the near future, potential renters will be able to view any available rental from the comfort of anywhere. Once they find the perfect rental or rentals, they will be able to physically go to the location on their own terms and be granted access to the property from their mobile phone.

In the past, self-showings were perceived as dangerous, impossible and useless. Why on Earth would I allow someone to have access to my home? What do I do, leave a key under the mat? AirBnb has turned this way of thinking on its head and has paved the way for other companies to offer solutions that eliminate the antiquated fears of self-showings.

With the proliferation of mobile devices, home automation hardware, smart locks, online credit card processing, identification software and video, companies are starting to offer self-showing solutions to help save customers time and money.

OpenDoor for example, allows home buyers to view any of their homes on their own time. The home buyer gets a unique access code for the property they want to view. Every home is open to tour from 6am – 9pm daily, no appointment needed. Enter in seconds with their Opendoor Homes mobile app.

Matterport, offers hardware and software for anyone to make their entire home 3d and in virtual reality.

Soon, you will be able to put on your virtual reality headset, search millions of rental listings, walk around the neighborhood, touch the fabric within the home and even communicate in real time with the agent or landlord to help answer any questions from the comfort of wherever you are.

We will write more about the benefits and technology involved with virtual and augmented reality in  future posts.