How to Write Real Estate Ads That Appeal to Real Renters

How to Write Real Estate Ads

Did you know that there are more people renting homes in the United States now than any time since the year 1965? It’s true! In order to tap into those renters and get them to rent your property, you have to know how to write compelling real estate ads.

Learning how to best highlight your property and gearing it towards your dream renters in your advertisements will help get your properties flying off of the market.

Here’s how to write real estate ads that appeal to real renters.

Follow a Set Structure

Start by creating a structure and format that works best for your properties. You can then revisit this format every time you need to create a new ad.

Start with a strong headline with a catchy opening statement. Move on to list the main features of the property.

If you have any type of promotion running for your rental, this is the place to put it. After that, make sure to include a call to action and your contact information.

Some good call to action examples are, “Call NOW!”, “Email to confirm your interest,” and, “Don’t miss out on this opportunity, call us ASAP!”

Learn How To Hook Them with a Solid Headline

Having an eye-catching headline is important to get the attention of a potential renter. You only have a matter of seconds to make them want more, so you need to choose engaging words that are intriguing to your target renter.

Take a look at other competitors real estate advertisement headlines in your local market. See what they all have in common and do the opposite.

People get bored by seeing the same thing over and over again. Providing a new, shocking headline will have more eyes on your listing and more potential renters.

Another way to make a memorable headline is by adding humor to it. However, this is audience specific, so note that this isn’t always the best choice if you’re aiming for a more serious crowd of renters.

Keep It Short and Sweet

People on social media see so many advertisements that they can often be on ad overload. You need your rental advertisements to stand out from the crowd and make a real impact.

You can do this by choosing your words carefully and not overwhelming users with too much information. Too much information has the ability to turn off the potential renter.

Choose the most impactful information that renters are sure to respond to like impressive and in-demand amenities or proximity to local shops and restaurants.

Good Real Estate Ads Have Stunning Visuals

Even if you write the most compelling advertisement for your property, if there isn’t a beautiful picture to show off the rental space, it’ll be hard to draw those renters in.

This will help give the readers that final push that they need to want to click and learn more.

Renters need to know that what you’re writing about in the ad lines up with the pictures of the property to want to book a showing and tour.

Increase Your Leads

Learning how to write compelling real estate ads takes practice, but incorporating these tips into should increase the number of leads you get.