4 Real Estate Photography Tips That Add Serious Value to Your Listing

4 Real Estate Photography Tips

Are you selling your house or thinking about renting your home out and need to find tenants? If you put your home on the market and haven’t generated any interested, you might need to try a different approach.

Demand for housing is at a four year high right now, proving that we’ve bounced back from the 2008 crash. People are looking for homes just like yours, you just need to know how to reach them.

If you’re listing your property online, what kind of photos do you have? Great photos help your house sell. Over 80% of potential buyers or renters find that photos are very useful when helping make their decision.

If you’re not a photo pro, we’ve got four real estate photography tips that will help find the perfect people for your home.

1. Take a Tripod

This seems like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how often people ignore this essential advice. Invest in a tripod to take better photos.

There’s nothing more frustrating than trusting that you have a steady hand and then getting home and seeing off-kilter pics. A tripod has a level and can help you set up your camera for all sorts of professional-looking angle.

2. Light it Right

Great real estate photography lighting is probably the most important element to consider. Let’s look at a few tips and tricks to avoid the worst lighting mistakes.

Bounce and diffuse your light source. If you’re indoors and using a flash, turn it so that it bounces off of a wall instead of concentrates in one area and casts dark shadows around the room.

Big rooms need extra light sources. Invest in a few lights with light stands to bring the area to life.

Natural light is your friend. Open the windows and let the sunlight do the heavy lifting.

For exterior shots, dusk is often called the “magic hour” for the beautiful contrasts it creates.

3. Go Wide

Some people try to make a space look wider by using a fisheye lens. This distorts the photo — and deceives a potential buyer.

Instead, use a wide angle lens. This way, you can get a photo that shows off the entire room and keeps your pics honest.

Because photography is a popular hobby, many wide angle lenses are pretty affordable. You’re sure to find one in your budget.

4. Be Prepared

Just like the famous boy scout motto, “Always Be Prepared”, you, too, need to prep for your shoot.

Take your real estate photo shoot seriously instead of just snapping a few pics and moving on. Get your gear together and make sure all of your batteries are charged.

Having an extra memory card on hand doesn’t hurt either.

Have a set list of photos that you want to get through. Make sure you show your home’s best features and get all the pics you need.

Real Estate Photography Tips and Beyond

You’re sure to sell or rent your home sooner if you follow these four easy real estate photography tips. Taking great looking photos of your property doesn’t have to be hard.