7 Most Impactful Rental Inspection Apps for Android and iOS

7 Most Impactful Rental Inspection Apps for Android and iOS

2020 is the year of mobile technology. It allows us to make completing daily tasks at work easier and faster.

You can see technology improving workflows and usability in a mix of large and small businesses in different industries. These businesses can get more work done in less time while maintaining and gaining customers.

That same technology can improve your rental inspection management processes. These apps will help you accomplish more and stay organized. You’ll stay on top of all your documents and maintenance requests that come your way.

With rental inspection apps, there’s no need to carry around clipboards, papers, and more every time you inspect your rental properties. Manage everything you need from your mobile device.

What’s more is that you can lower costs, manage more properties, and improve relationships with your renters. This allows both you and your renters to create happier relationships and save money.

Are you curious to learn more? Check out these impactful rental inspection apps for Android and iOS.

What Rental Inspection Apps Do

Property inspections can make or break a relationship between you and your renter. Common problems include slow response times and poorly documented inspections. That, along with miscommunications, can lead to incorrect charges, legal issues, and more.

To avoid these issues, rental inspection apps help you with the inspection process. Document, organize, and save inspections when you’re on-the-go.

There are many apps out there, but customizable and out-of-the-box are the two main options. Customizable options give you the flexibility to personalize the app to fit your needs.

Ready-made options have less up-front work and are great for particular tasks. However, they are less customizable, which can limit the usability of the app.

With a rental inspection app, you’ll have better control of the management process. You can go beyond move-in and move-out inspections.

You can access and inspect documents from anywhere and manage inspection documents ranging from seasonal maintenance to tenant complaints. If you need to reference other papers for the property, everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Features to Look For

The features you’ll want to look for depends on your needs. We’ll start with the main features everyone should have in a rental inspection app.

Look for an app that allows you to work on-site from your preferred mobile device. Check for adaptability and integration capabilities. Integration ensures the software can use and add to your existing data.

Customizable templates allow you to set up the app to focus only on your necessary information. Having an app that isn’t customizable can take you extra time to access the documents you need.

Make sure there are visual documentation capabilities. This includes adding images, taking photos, and adding videos to have on record.

Finally, check for integration with orders, billing, and reporting. Most importantly, you’ll want an app that can integrate with your current data platform. This will save you time importing and editing existing documents.

You’ll ultimately want to look for features that track processes, such as maintenance on each property. If you want more, there are property management apps to track payments, charges, and more.

These features will make the app genuinely useful and save you money and time managing your properties.

Check Out These 7 Rental Inspection Apps

The following seven inspection apps have varying features to help you with your inspection management. Each one comes with a set of customizable templates and the ability to integrate with your existing property management software.

There are inspection app options for large property enterprises and small local businesses. Learn how they can work for you.

1. Snap Inspection App

Snap Inspection includes a list full of useful features, allowing you to take photos/videos, map, add signatures, and work offline, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

This robust rental inspection app offers many ready-to-use templates that are also customizable. The app’s design makes managing property inspections and everything that goes along with it quick and easy.

Large property companies and enterprises will benefit the most as this is a pricer app with large-scale packages.

Prices for Snap Inspection start at $49 per user each month and up to $299 for company-wide packages.

2. App Sheet

What’s unique about App Sheet is it lets you build your template. Better yet, you can add all your favorite must-have features without needing to know how to code. All your features can integrate and sync with existing data platforms such as Google, Excel, Salesforce, and more.

Choose from many common features including GPS, Image Capture, and signature capture. You can also add charts, set email notifications, and work offline, which are convenient features when you’re working from your properties.

With the integration capabilities, you can build this app from your existing data and documents. App Sheet lets you manage inspections along with property services and management. The best part is you can make your customizable app visually appealing for a reasonable cost.

Prices start at around $5 per user each month with a free one month trial.

3. Buildium Property Management

Are you looking for a rental inspection app that can manage inspections and more? This app manages and tracks inspections, renters insurance, and maintenance at your fingertips.

Buildium has all the standard features you need in an app such as photo documentation, offline mode, and signatures. It also can manage insurance forms, maintenance requests, billing, and more.

Both you and your tenants can access the app to maintain communication and fill out forms as needed.

If you need a technology solution that goes beyond just inspections, Buildium is a great option. However, those looking only for an inspection management app may want to consider more affordable options.

Buildium is a pricy software that starts around $265 per month for mobile inspections. Companies with more than 150 units will need the “Pro” version, which costs about $55 more.

4. Z Inspector

Z Inspector includes all the standard photo, signing, maps, and offline features. What makes it stand out from others is its customizable and searchable property database. It replaces spreadsheets to make searching and adding documents faster and easier.

The app integrates with your current data platforms such as Google Drive and DropBox. Property managers looking for an app solution with fewer frills and a focus on functionality will appreciate this app.

Z Inspector is more affordable than most apps, starting around $9-$16 per user based on the package you choose.

5. Tap Inspect

If you’re looking for a simple inspection app that’s easy to learn, Tap Inspect is an app worth checking out. Like most rent inspection apps, it includes photo documentation, pre-made templates, and the ability to email forms as a PDF.

You can customize and save templates for each property you have. In the app, you can schedule and track maintenance for each property before new tenants move in.

Tap Inspect saves your reviews, comments, and unfinished templates for later use. Finding documents is easy, as the app intuitively organizes everything for you. There’s no need to waste time sifting through papers or many desktop folders.

There are several plans to choose from including pay-as-you-go and unlimited. The Unlimited plan starts at $60 per month for unlimited inspections. There’s an option to upgrade to their Inspection Team plan for an additional $30 per user.

6. The Rent Protector

The Rent Protector is an easy solution for completing your inspection documents. You’ll find most common features such as photo capture, Google Maps integration, and the ability to work offline. Track maintenance and other processes directly from the app.

The Rent Protector’s main feature is the ability to edit and personalize inventory and maintenance questions. The app features ready-made questions with a text help setting that helps offer greater clarification and reveal issues faster.

From the app, you can export questionnaires and documents as PDFs and send them out directly from your phone. This app focuses solely on rent inspections and maintenance.

The Rent Protector is an affordable option with a one-time buying price of $10.

7. Happy Inspector

Happy Inspector features basic inspection tools along with strong reporting and seamless integrations, all in a beautiful user-friendly interface.

Other features manage preventative maintenance, safety inspections, amenity inspections, and incident reports. You can also organize lease audits and customize move-in/out questionnaires.

Property managers and tenants will feel protected with the app’s risk reduction feature. It adds real-time stamps to photos and signed documents. Both you and your tenants can access portals to communicate and complete paperwork.

The attractive design and robust usability come with a price. Pricing starts at $499, but Happy Inspector also offers features for smaller businesses through Buildium. 

Your Year for Improved Property Management

Make 2020 the year you improve your property management processes. With the many rental inspection apps available, you can find the perfect inspection solution to save you time. Both you and your tenants will be happier with improved communication and well-documented inspections.