Free Background Check Options for Landlords

Free Background Check

If you are a first time landlord or rental industry veteran, it is essential that you run a background check as part of your renter application process. However, doing a background check can be very expensive, especially if you are eating the cost. One option to get the background check for free is to roll the cost into the application fee or leverage a service that does this for you. Below are a few free background check options for landlords.

Free Background Check Options

Each of these screening options charge the applicant so it is complete free to you.

background check screener

Tenant Screening 

free tenant background check

Rent Screener by PMW. This service offers everything you would need to screen a rental tenant. From background checks to esignatures. The cost is part of the application fee that the tenant is charged for. has a variety of free tenant screen options for landlords including credit and background checks. The tenant screening reports are $39.99 and this cost is charged to the renter applicant and is free to the landlord.

Cozy leverages the background software company Checkr to run these reports which is used by some of the largest companies in the world to run background checks on their employees like Uber, Zillow, Lyft and others.

Zillow Rental Screening

zillow renter screenerZillow has tried to simplify the rental screening process by rolling out their rental screening feature. The renter applicants pays for this service which is currently $29. There is a $0 cost for the landlords running the reports.

How the Free Background Check Works

When renters are searching on Zillow or their network of rental sites, a renter can receive a private invitation to apply for a rental property for properties where the landlord has enabled applications. From there, the applicant’s background and credit check is ran and the cost is charged to the renter.

Now go out and get as many renter applications as you can so you can find the best tenant to fill your vacant property. Why not, it’s free.