Top Real Estate Investing Podcasts for 2019

Top Real Estate Investing Podcasts for 2019

As audio becomes more of a medium of educational and entertainment consumption, we have decided to add the top real estate investing podcasts for 2019. There will be more and more real estate related podcast content in the future and we will update accordingly.

Top Real Estate Investing Podcasts for 2019

  1. Bigger Pockets
    1. Example Episode (Building a $300MM Real Estate Empire from Scratch)
  2. Epic Real Estate Investing
    1. Example Episode (How to get started in real estate investing)
  3. Real Estate Investing for Women
    1. Example Episode (Blissfully simple – 5 ways to simplify your real estate management)
  4. Real Estate Coaching Radio
    1. Example Episode (How to Transition from Part Time Dabbler to Full Time Rock Star)
  5. Lifetime Cash flow Through Real Estate Investing
    1. Example Episode (Creating a Successful Real Estate Meetup Group)

The Podcast Market and Real Estate

There are currently over 630,000 active podcasts and 18+ MM episodes. As more and more listeners ditch reading for listening, this number will continue to climb dramatically. In fact, 17% of the US population currently listens to podcasts weekly.

With the proliferation of smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Alexa as well as the accessibility of streaming anytime and anywhere, access to audio information is becoming much more democratized. Currently, 47.3M Americans now own at least one smart speaker. NPR live streaming for example on Alexa has increased from 3.9% in Nov 2017 to 13.2% in Feb 2018. There are also now over 56,000 alexa voice skill apps built by developers. This is up from 5,000 in Nov 2016.

The podcast market has grown substantially over the last few years. From 2016 to 2017 podcast revenue grew 86% to $314MM and it is estimated to grow to $1B by 2020.

This will dramatically change the real estate marketing landscape as audio will become much more localized and democratized. In the very near future, real estate agents will move away from bombarding potential clients with postcards and move to a more consultative selling approach leveraging the power of audio.