The Challenges of Home Automation for Apartments


Historically, providing home automation to the apartment industry has been challenging.  For example, a property manager needs to be able to control multiple devices across multiple apartment units from one central application.

Some examples of these challenges would be:

  • The ability to control all thermostats within the community
  • The ability to control all smart devices in all common areas
  • The ability to have keyless access to all smart units
  • The ability to receive notifications when water is detected in a unit
  • The ability to know when battery life in smoke detectors is about to go out or when light bulbs need to be replaced
  • The ability to allow access to maintenance teams only at certain times of the day
  • The ability to limit or allow residents from entering certain areas
  • The ability to manage vacant units to dramatically save on energy bills

Property managers and apartment owners also need to be able to own the hardware that goes into each of these units. A resident is not going to be able to purchase their own lock or thermostat for example and add it into the apartment unit themselves.

With Remotely’s patent pending technology, all of this is now possible today. Contact us to learn how Remotely can help your community generate more revenue, save on utilities, streamline operations and differentiate your communities.