The Danger of Leaving the Keys Under the Mat for Airbnb Hosts


There are over 1.2M Airbnb hosts in over 190 countries. On average these hosts rent out their apartment or home 33 times per year. That’s about 40M nights per year.

How do most of these travelers gain access to the property?

A large percentage of these hosts leave their keys under the mat, in a fake rock or in a lock box.

Anytime you physically give out a key to strangers, there is a possibility of those keys being replicated and used in malicious ways.

The easiest solution to this problem is to simply not give physical keys out at all.

Smart locks and software like Remotely can help hosts secure their properties and streamline their check ins and check outs.


Features and Benefits of Using Remotely for AirBnb Traveler Access

  • Smart Locks have Keycodes
    • Remotely leverages Kwikset and Other Smart Locks
      • Hosts can set up multiple keycodes
        • For Travelers
        • For Cleaning Crew
      • Hosts can have keycodes be active and expire during specific days or times. Check in / Check out.
      • Hosts can change keycodes remotely from any device
      • If Hosts opt for a smart lock without keycodes, they can send emails to travelers and give them temporary (time and day sensitive) access to enter the property with a link.

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