Free Tenant Eviction Notice or Notice to Quit Form

Tenant Eviction Notice

One unfortunate byproduct of being a successful landlord is the inevitability of having to evict a tenant. Even if you follow all of the rules of finding and screening all of your applicants, sometimes your tenant will not pay or break the terms of the lease agreement. When this happens, you will have to be sure to follow the local states laws and issue a tenant eviction notice.

Free Tenant Eviction Notice Template

notice to quit lease template

An eviction notice, AKA a notice to quit, is a letter sent by the landlord to the tenant notifying that they have broken the terms within the lease agreement and now have a certain amount of time to vacate the property. This time frame is usually within 3 days but can go up to 60 days for notices to vacate the property usually due to a month to month agreement being terminated.

Curable vs Incurable Notice

A curable notice to quit letter gives the tenant a certain amount of time to cure the violation. For example, a landlord may send a 3 day notice to cure late rent payment or some other lease agreement violation. An incurable notice simply means the notice does not allow the tenant to fix the violation and must vacate the property within a predetermined amount of time.

How to Send an Eviction Notice

It is highly recommended to send the notice to quit or eviction notice via certified mail so you know the tenant receives it. Alternatively, you can hand deliver it as well. All of this is to keep a papertrail and prove you sent the letter to the tenant.

How to Evict a Tenant

how to evict a tenant