Free Roommate Agreement in Word and PDF

Free Roommate Agreement

In some cases, you may want to have a roommate to help keep your costs down or make a little extra money. All too often, friends ask other friends to be their roommate but do it on a handshake. This can be disastrous and lead to property destruction, late or no payments, defriending and even lawsuits. It is imperative that you use a roommate agreement if you elect to have roommates within you apartment or rental home. This can help keep everyone on the same page as it relates to rental terms, rules, payments, and it makes it legally binding among all parties. The roommate agreement should not be confused with a rental lease agreement as this agreement is between the landlord and renter(s).

Free Roommate Agreement in Word

A roommate agreement is a legal document between roommates. It is also known or referred to as a roommate contract, rent a room agreement or joint lease agreement. Click on the roommate sample agreement below to customize your own.

Roommate Agreement in Word

Should You Add a Roommate to the Lease Agreement?

If your lease agreement has a sublease clause, you will be able to sublease your house or apartment and add your own roommate agreement. If your rental agreement specifically states you cannot sublease your rental, you will have to contact your landlord and explain the situation as it relates to wanting roommates.

Your landlord may ask to add your roommate or roommates to the original lease agreement. One problem with this approach is all tenants on the lease are responsible for the rent. If one roommate does not pay their share, all roommates would be held responsible for paying or they risk getting evicted.

Where to Find a Roommate

There are a variety of ways to find good roommates. Word of mouth being the best but there are now many online sites that can help in the roommate search. Here are a few sites to help with your roommate search:

Even if you know the potential roommate, it is always a good idea to run background and credit checks on all applicants. With many of these services, the applicant pays for the service so it is completely free to you. Your landlord may even make this mandatory with a lease addendum.