The Future of Apartment Maintenance Requests


In the near future, residents will no longer have to manually submit or call in maintenance requests. With new apartment automation technology, apartment units will sense and and automatically submit maintenance requests on behalf of the residents.

Some examples of what automatic maintenance requests will look like in the future:

  • Unit knows when there is a leak
  • Unit knows when batteries need to be replaced in smoke detectors and other battery operated systems
  • Unit knows when lightbulbs go out
  • Unit knows when appliances need maintenance before a problem occurs
  • Unit knows when a toilet is running
  • Unit knows when door locks or windows are sticking
  • Unit knows when a window is broken or needs to be replaced
  • Unit knows when HVAC is not working optimally
  • Unit knows when garage door is not working properly
  • Unit knows when drains are backed up
  • Units knows of potential break-ins and can alert authorities
  • Units knows when cabinet drawers or cabinets are not working properly

Essentially any current maintenance request that comes in from the resident will be replaced by the system submitting proactive requests before the resident even knows there is a problem. This will inevitably lead to much higher resident satisfaction and renewal rates.