The Ultimate Move-Out Checklist for 2019

The Ultimate Move-Out Checklist

You are finally ready to pack up and head to your new place, but wait, you have to move out! If you’re in need of a move-out checklist, you’ve come to the right place. This ultimate list of to-dos will wrap up all you need to do to move out the right way.

We realize it’s an exciting time for you, so it’s good to have a reminder of the little things you might overlook. That way, you don’t miss anything that could cost you an inconvenience, or worse, your security deposit. Ensure you get all your money back by thinking of all the details.

Get your duster ready, it’s time to uncover the necessary to-dos on our ultimate move-out checklist!

Fixing Up is Number One On Our Move-Out Checklist

Fixing up and cleaning up are the top priorities for moving out. If you’re ready to start packing and heading over to your new place, here’s a great place to start. First, look around your apartment.

Take in what you see. Notice any heavy furniture, valuables that’ll need bubble-wrap, and picture frames. You may want to take some measurements of your television set, desks, tables, or bed frame.

Dip your toes into the start of what you’ll need, then jump into action. The first action you’ll want to take is to declutter.

Declutter and Donations

Declutter your apartment of all unnecessary items. Make sure all trash is thrown away or in the trash and recycling bins. Then, start sifting through items, and put them in three different piles.

One pile is for the trash bin. You’ll have to let go of some items that you feel an attachment for, but it’s best to travel with a light load. This pile is for items that are well worn, have stains, or no longer function.

The donation pile should be for items that still have life in them. If you have extra clothes you know sits in your closet taking up space, toss it into this pile. go through your:

  • Shoes
  • Electronics
  • Kitchen Supplies
  • Buckets [for car-washing, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning]
  • Trinkets or decor
  • Furniture
  • Bed Sheets [bed frames, headboards]

You may want to buy a new bed when you move into your new place. Find out the proper way to dispose of your bed at your apartment complex. Leaving large items by your dumpster is not a good idea!

You have options for tossing out an old mattress. You can call a company to remove the mattress for a small price or take it to a disposal location.

Selling Items

Another pile should be for selling items. You can use different websites and apps to sell your items. Take high-definition photographs, and try to be honest in your postings.

Set your items for a reasonable price on various sites and wait for buyers to bite. It could be beneficial to do a little background digging on a selling platform beforehand. You can also learn about how to avoid flakes, and getting your items out the door before your move date.

Selling items you no longer want or need is super helpful. You are lessening your load, and gaining extra spending cash for the move. After all, moves do require quite a bit of extra pocket change.

The more the merrier, so enjoy the selling!

Pack an Overnight Bag

Once you have a clean apartment that’s clutter-free, you’re ready to start packing. The most important step to take before starting your first box is to gather the items you’ll be packing in an overnight bag. The overnight bag is for your travel suitcase to get you by until you are able to unpack your belongings.

You’ll want to keep out a fresh set of clothes. Don’t forget undergarments, your toothbrush, and important medication. If you plan to go a few days without having access to your normal closet options, consider the future.

Do you have any important meetings coming up at work throughout the week? Will you need an elegant set of clothes? Do you need party clothes for a friends birthday?

Think about your schedule, and plan ahead to avoid inconvenient surprises. A great way to plan ahead is using a calendar or daily planner. You can also use the calendar app on your smartphone to set appointments or list to-dos.

Your organization skills need to be top-notch for any move, so planning neatly is vital! After that, feel free to start packing away your items. Begin with fragile items.

That way you’ll have all the items needing bubble wrap done long before the move out date. You won’t be running around busy shops looking for extra.

Cleaning Everything

Once your home is all wrapped in boxes, you need to clean. There’s no way around this part, and it does take the most effort. Still, it’s important to make sure you leave the apartment clean so than landlord is satisfied when they inspect.

You might consider paying a maid service. They often detail areas most people don’t remember, and are able to do deep cleaning within a few hours. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Clean your blinds, fan blades, windows, window sills
  2. Clean the kitchen and put the freezer on defrost
  3. Clean out the lint trap in the dryer
  4. Have a professional wash your carpet [some maid services offer deep carpet cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and yard services]
  5. Wash the bathtub, sinks, toilets, countertops, mirrors
  6. Swipe and mop
  7. Cleaning the yard of trash
  8. Did you maintain the apartment pest-free? If not, call pest control services.

For full-time workers, this may seem like too much cleaning to handle. The good news is that you can choose to bring in professionals to have it ready for you. It will cost, but you won’t have the stress of cleaning.

Remember that cleaning should be done when you are no longer planning on using the apartment. You don’t want to have to keep re-cleaning.

Fixing or Adjusting Changes You Made

We make apartments our home. That means that we decorate to make ourselves feel welcome and comfortable. But, when moving out, it’s important to leave the apartment the way we found it.

If you took out the original shower head to put in your massage showerhead, swap them back. Also, if you hung up picture frames with tacks or nails, you’ll need to patch the holes. Did you paint?

In the leasing contract, you’ll find all the information on changes you’ve made to the apartment and what needs to be set back. Having changes without authorization could cost you a deposit. These changes are “damages” on the property if changes are not allowed in the contract.

Complete the adjustments before inspection because the last thing you’ll want to have is an angry landlord on your hands. Keep these ten updates landlord approve for your next apartment!

Also, if there are any broken items or appliances in the apartment that are the landlords responsibility, mention it. Don’t sit on that information, you’ll need to let them know ASAP. Maintenance and repairs can be under either the tenant or the landlords responsibility.

Final Steps to Moving Out

You’re almost through the tenant move-out checklist, congratulations! It’s a lot of work, and it may seem daunting, but you’re almost done. Don’t give up quite yet…

Here are things you’ll want to save for last.

  • Calling companies to disconnect internet, cable, or other services
  • Disconnect water and electric [if necessary]
  • Turn in keys to the landlord, including an amenity key for the pool, gym or tennis court
  • Turn in your parking pass, community gate key card [if necessary]

When calling service providers to cancel subscriptions, be sure to ask for a cancellation confirmation in writing. Have them send you a copy by email so you have documentation for your records. That way, you have all your bases covered!

You’ll also rest easy knowing that all your bills are paid. On another note, some tenants have to call to disconnect their water and electric on move out. You can see if you have to do this in the contract, but you can always call and ask your landlord.

Take a final sweep of your old apartment before finally locking the door. Make sure you’ve got everything out of your drawers, closets, or high shelves. Check any attic space as well.

Newbies and All Things For Renters

This move-out checklist is a great reference for all those looking to move out in a jiffy. There’s nothing worse than having a deadline for a move out date be a month ahead. Not to fret, though!

We have plenty of tips and tricks to get you through. In the meantime, keep yourself safe and up-to-date on the rental laws by state. Already know the law?

Keep up with all news that has to do with renting out to tenants! We strive to bring you the best information. We have the latest on helpful technology, marketing rental properties, and how to maintain healthy renting habits.